Our History

LABRITS QUIMICA Inc (LTDA) was founded in 1990, aiming to support the new demands the recent globalization was bringing along.

Through these years, LABRITS QUIMICA has implanted several Galvanic systems and effluent treatments, looking forward to improve the production of its clients and offer better results to the products.

It is part of the company’s philosophy the technological development of products and equipments for different industrial areas, like:


Agricultural Machines

Restroom Metal Supplies




Following its policy of always offering products of last technological generation in the surface treatment field LABRITS QUIMICA recently started a partnership with the giant German company Schlötter Galvanotechnik from Geisligen.

These are reasons why LABRITS QUIMICA can offer its clients a wide variety of solutions in surface treatment.

Our Certifications

Where We Are

Address: Rua Auriverde, 85 - São Paulo SP

Tel: +55 11 2914-1522

Email: contato@labrits.com.br